Merchant Centre: The Groupon Tool For Merchants

A partnership with Groupon is more than just an avenue for quick income or maximising exposure to a wider audience online. Groupon offers various post-deal services for merchants, one of them being the Merchant Centre. The checkpoint for post-deal services, the Merchant Centre is used for everything from redemption to customer analytics. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s available:


Instant voucher redemption: Merchant Centre allows you to redeem vouchers manually, with an Excel sheet, with a scanner or using your smart phone. It displays total number of redemptions so far, and redemption history of the last 30 days, aside from other information.

Track upsell: This feature in the redemption section enables you to enter the total bill amount, including upsell, which makes it easier for merchants to track Return on Investment. Merchant Centre separates the bill into Groupon value and the amount customers have spent on other products or services.

Customer Demographics: The ‘Customer Details’ section showcases your customers’ demographics information: gender, location and age. This helps you get to know your customers better and understand what kind of demographic your business caters to, which is particularly useful when deciding how to introduce or repacking products and services.

Customer feedback: Once a customer’s voucher has been redeemed, an email is automatically sent out to them requesting feedback. This are displayed in the ‘Feedback’ secition, and also allows you to reply to each of them. Customers who provide positive feedback can opt to ‘recommend’ the merchant and when 75% of customers recommend a business, it receives a ‘Groupon Recommends’ stamp of approval. This stamp appears on the deal page to identify this deal comes recommended from other customers.

Merchants can visit the Merchant Centre via the website ( and log in using their 9-digit merchant ID and email address.


Written by: Rashaad Ali

4 Reasons Why Groupon Is A Must-Have Business Toolbox

Groupon: Your Business Toolbox

Getting the best out of your Groupon campaign takes more than just a great package, placement, and that million dollar smile. It involves our arsenal of tools to get you in front of our customers waiting to try your offer out (and maybe come back for more).

We have your box of toy soldiers

Our army of business consultants, partner managers, editorial designers, and customer experience specialists have graduated from the Groupon bootcamp, designed to help us create the type of offer you want to put out into the world. Be it your French garden-themed restaurant, new-fangled ioniser vacuum cleaner, or a property in Bali, we are trained to provide you with a high-visibility deal programme which increases your customer traffic and stacks of voucher papers under the drawer.

We have savvy gadgets

With the rise of smartphones use amongst Malaysians, it is easy to see where the next big business channel will be. We ride alongside the technology bandwagon with our mobile redemption programme, where customers no longer need to print their vouchers to enjoy your offer, hence making it more convenient for customers and merchants alike, while increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. You, the merchant, can also get a blast of our mobile meddling with Groupon Merchants, an Android app to help you scan and redeem from your camera, or manage your redemptions at your own pace.

We use real-time tracking tools

Understanding who your customers are is the key to maintaining a loyal fan base. Our innovation experts will help you take a peek into where your customers hang out and shop and with whom through our Merchant Centre database. Reading off our basic customer demographics, you can tailor your next offer with us according to the gender, age, and location of the clientele you are targeting.

And we bring it all back

Even after your offer has ended, we make more out of it with our Groupon Feedback and Groupon Recommends tools. Hearing from our customers after their experience with past offers not only provides constructive feedback, but highlights the mechanics already making it work for everybody (it also helps to know that the customers enjoyed themselves and plan to return after your offer).

Click here to open a Groupon toolbox of your own.

Writer : Debbie Amboi

Becoming a Groupon Merchant


As the market leader for e-commerce in Malaysia, Groupon offers a reach that may be otherwise difficult to attain via our website and daily emails. We also utilise traditional and social media, along with the solid backing of a reputable household name as a leader in e-commerce. Businesses can build upon initial success with returning customers and word of mouth (which legend tells is better than word of kidney). Test out feedback on a wide platform to the calming merits of your plate-smashing venture or shrimp popcorn because as the internet has taught us – everyone’s searching for something.


Featuring with Groupon also allows you access to strategised marketing game plans, a steady stream of customers, follow-up customer support, and data and analytics that can prove useful in tailoring your services to specific demographic groups.


1. Contact us.

Fill in this form. Our team will run a quick background check to assess your business’ suitability and quality. Customer and merchant trust is very important to us, and our research team works hard at ensuring that the expectations of both are given due care.

2. Come up with a deal package.

A Business Consultant will get in touch with you to discuss, taking into consideration your needs and capacity and shaping this into a viable package based on past deal analytics, as well as the Invisible Groupon Cape which Groupon employees are required to wear at all times as per the International Groupon Code of Conduct.

3. Preparation for your feature.

Pursuant to signing a contract with Groupon, you will be assigned a Partner Manager who will help prepare you for your feature and liaise on your behalf with other internal teams on relevant matters ranging from editorial, payments and customer issues. You can view the entire Groupon Journey in a glance here as well.You may also speak to them about further services that may benefit you such as online booking, paperless redemption, or using the Merchant Centre. In the meantime, Twitter and Facebook away! Spread word to friends, friends of friends, and cousins twice removed to generate buzz before the big day arrives.


Now’s as good a time as any! Get started with us right away by clicking the big button below!

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Written by: Stephanie Francesca Pereira

Groupon Innovation: iPad app

We are pleased to announce to you the arrival of Groupon Malaysia’s official iPad app –Groupon HD.
Launched last week, Groupon HD serves as new avenue for us to feature your businesses to our customers. We designed the iPad app to host a new and exciting shopping experience for all iPad users in Malaysia, and we will continue to innovate the app to keep our customers engaged.